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About Greg

Greg Roach is currently the Founder and Creative Director at Spirit Quest World, which explores the convergence of spirituality, travel and mobile media. He is also the Story Consultant, Writer and "Gunslinger" on Red Steel 2 for Ubisoft Paris. Yes, he can reconcile those two roles.

Previously he was CEO and Creative Director at HyperBole Studios for 15 years, which he founded in 1990, where he was infamous for wanting to bring interactive entertainment out of the "ghetto" and into the mainstream. 

A digital media pioneer, Greg’s works include The Madness of Roland, the world's first original interactive multimedia novel; HyperBole, one of the worlds' first digizines; The Wrong Side of Town (considered by AFI to be the first narrative interactive film); Quantum Gate, and The Vortex, his first two full-length VirtualCinema titles, and the best-selling The X-Files Game, which premiered at #1 worldwide, garnered multiple industry awards, near unanimous praise from the mainstream press (and many grumpy harumphs from the hard-core gaming world) and sold a million+ copies.

Check out The Edge Magazine's recent Making of The X-Files Game feature here

He invented VirtualCinema, an interactive video technology, for which he created and sold multiple patents. His ROM design for The Terminator 2: Extreme DVD won an IRMA award for best DVD ROM. His paper Imagined Places: Distributed Telepresence Installations for Immersive Historical Reconstructions was presented at UNESCO’s "World Heritage in the Digital Age" conference at the grand opening of the Bibliotecha Alexandrina  in Alexandria, Egypt. He's designed and created dozens of projects for just about every platform.

Greg has taught and lectured all over the world at numerous prestigious institutions, including Cambridge UniversitySan Francisco StateUSCUCLAThe American Film Institute and The Sundance Institute. He speaks regularly on spirituality, comparative religion, sacred sites, interactive storytelling, writing for games, game design and the potential of digital technology as a cultural, artistic and storytelling tool.

He currently travels to the world's most beautiful, exotic and inspiring destinations where his innovative use of social media allows arm-chair travelers to share his experiences. He is now expanding this vision and approach to iOS, Android and other mobile platforms with unique new applications.

greg <at> storyslinger <dot> com
There was a time when interactive-movie was not a dirty word